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Release Schedule update


UPDATE: We are changing how we release our episodes. It's getting harder and harder to keep on top of the current weekly release, and it's only going to get harder as we get closer to modern times in the President series. Therefore we are going to use the following release schedule.
Romans: No change. Two-weekly releases. One emperor per episode.
Presidents: Instead of- Ep.1, Ep.2, Ep.1, Ep.2 etc, there will now be a gap between presidents to give me more time to research. So it will be Ep.1, Ep.2, No Ep, Ep.1, Ep.2, No Ep, etc.
Hope you all understand. I didn't want to do this, but the workload is starting to get unmanageable, and I'd rather release slower than rushing the research and missing things/making mistakes. Cheers.
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