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6.1 John Q Adams

July 21st, 2018


It’s not easy when your father is one of the most important men in the (albeit short) history of your country. There is a lot of pressure on young JQA to get it right. So after learning all the languages, and understanding Milton and getting to (ahem) know the locals in Sweden, he is hoping his life will get on track. If only he could sort his handwriting out…


5.2 James Monroe

July 7th, 2018


Monroe arrives back home to find that his so-called friends are not being nice enough to him. But he will show them! he will run for president! He will- ah, ok. Maybe not this time. But who knows? Maybe this war will convince people he is the man for the top job…


5.1 James Monroe

June 23rd, 2018


It’s tough being the poor boy in the class, even when you own hundreds of acres of land and dozens of slaves. But one day the young James Monroe was shot in the shoulder. Then everything started to come together - The great George Washington knows him, he is becoming friends with Thomas Jefferson, and he can shoot a squirrel at a 100 yards. With these attributes behind him, the sky is the limit.


4.2 James Madison

June 9th, 2018


It's time Madison meets Dolly. Fed up with politics, this wonderful woman reinvigerates Madison's zeal for political life. And he will need that zeal. Because the British and coming! The British are coming! With any luck they will be too distracted by Nepoleon's invas - what's that? Nepoleon's defeated? Oh dear... 


4.1 James Madison

May 26th, 2018


Slight, small and stiff. This is how Madison was described by his contemporaries (about his personality - get your mind out the gutter). However, those that underestimated him soon learned: sharp things often come in small packages. Find out how Madison overcame his doubts and fear over his health to rise to become the co-leader of ‘Madison’s Party’. Oh, just hide any pets you may have…


3.2 Thomas Jefferson

May 12th, 2018


Thomas becomes secretary of state after getting back from France, and from then on he is at the centre of Us politics. But how does he do? He has a dream of an agrarian utopia, but are his cheeses big enough? Are there too many Megalonyxs? Why have pirate declared war on them? And what is Burr up to now? Jefferson will have to overcome many obstacles if he wants to score high in this episode. 


3.1 Thomas Jefferson

April 28th, 2018


This week we learn of the life of the third president up until his appointment as the secretary of state. Find out how Thomas came to write the Declaration of Independence, how he failed to ask someone to marry him, and how he often failed to be a decent human being while at the same time coming up with some fantastic ideas linked to freedom. 


2.2 John Adams

April 13th, 2018


Adams arrives in Europe with his son, determined to get the fench on side with his team of diplomates. One problem: he hates his team, and he doesn't trust the french... 

In this episode, find out exactly how much John did to shape the role of Vice President, and how he was politically beaten up by his own party more than anyone else. 

He had a lot to live u to after Washington - find out if he is an A-meri-CAN, or A-meri-can't. 


2.1 John Adams

March 31st, 2018


We start our look at the second president of the United States, the one and only John Adams (apart from the other John Adams who comes a bit later). In this episode we go from his childhood fishing, playing marbles and rearranging cattle, up to his adventures crossing the ocean blue on his way to France. Join us on a tale of love, betrayal, courtroom drama and pirates!


1.2 George Washington

March 17th, 2018


We finish off Washington’s busy life by looking into how he went from winning the war, to being president. It was not an easy journey - there was political infighting, rebellions, the French, the British and so many distracting ladies. How is one supposed to set up a brand new republic in such conditions? 


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