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19.1 Rutherford B Hayes

September 7th, 2019

Rutherford B Hayes may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of presidents, but he was the first with a good beard. He also, in his own words, was the sunniest man around. No event is too tragic for Rutherford not to meet with a smile and a note in his diary. Find out just what he was so cheerful about! 

18.2 Ulysses S Grant

August 10th, 2019


AUDIO: It would seem Jamie's mic dropped out during recording resulting in him seemingly recording his part from a small tin box. I've done the best i can to boost he volume, but I'm afraid he is a bit quiet throughout. 

Grant has won the civil war for the US, but now the peace needs to be won - and that apparently is a lot harder job. Surrounded by corrupt businessmen politicians, Grant wants to use his presidency to make the country a better place. But unfortunately the real world gets in the way...

18.1 Ulysses S Grant

July 27th, 2019

During the Civil war, Lincoln needed someone, anyone, who would fight. Enter a general with a Greek name, a taste for drink and a 'bigger picture' attitude. Known as Hiram, Ulysses, Sam, 'Unconditional Surrender' and 'The Butcher', Grant went by many names, but who was he? Find out!

17.2 Andrew Johnson

July 13th, 2019


The country is torn apart, the war may be over but the president is dead - in steps Johnson; it is up to him to make sure that all the pain and suffering is not for nothing- that the country can learn from its mistakes and move forward. Sorry, he’s doing what? Oh dear…

17.1 Andrew Johnson

June 29th, 2019


There was once a man born to humble beginning who managed to rise up and lead a nation through its most troubled times. His name was Lincoln. Johnson was born to humble beginnings also. About the same time as Lincoln. So he'll be as good. Yeah?

16.2 Abraham Lincoln

June 15th, 2019


The war is on! The south want to secede and carry on enslaving people, the north want the south to stay (and mostly carry on enslaving people). However, Lincoln is more and more thinking that this whole slavery thing is a bad idea. If only he could get at least one half decent general and win the war, perhaps he could put an end to it…

16.1 Abraham Lincoln

May 25th, 2019


It's a big one! A young axe-wielding turkey-murderer set out one day to find his fortune - little did he know that his path would lead him to become the president of a country on the verge of civil war. But just how did Abraham get there? How was he with the ladies? Did he tell a ripping good yearn? was he really all that honest? Find out in this week's Totalus Rankium (With improved sound!) 

15.2 James Buchanan

May 11th, 2019


Often ranked among the worst of presidents and one of the people who helped bring on the civil war - find out just why this is as Rob explains it to an increasingly angry Jamie. 

15.1 James Buchanan

April 26th, 2019


James Buchanan has not gone down too well in history. His name is synonymous with the onset of the civil war. But was he really that bad? Well... quite possibly. But just how bad? I mean, his early life, surely that was not too bad? Find out in this week's Totalus Rankium! 

14.2 Franklin Pierce

April 13th, 2019

The country is divided, his party is divided, and he has just lost his last son. Pierce has a mammoth task ahead of him - unfortunately for the country, his party, and himself, he is no mammoth hunter. In this episode we cover how Pierce managed to make a couple of moves that does nothing but put the country in more peril.

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