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14.1 Franklin Pierce

March 23rd, 2019


It’s time to look at the fun loving Franklin Pierce. He loves nothing better than rough-housing his friends, having a drink or two and denying the rights of people who wish that slavery didn’t exist, all the the name of unity. What a fun guy! Find out just how exciting his military career was, and just why he seemed a little stressed on his first day as president. 

13.2 Millard Fillmore

March 9th, 2019


Fillmore did not get off to the best of starts last episode, so he has a lot to do to win us round this week. Let’s hope he doesn’t sign into law something that enforces a systemic enslaving of an oppressed people, or something like that…

13.1 Millard Fillmore

February 23rd, 2019


We move on to one of the lesser known presidents in US history. But was this man overlooked? does he deserve more spotlight? ... Probably not. But we are doing them all, so he gets his episodes! 

12.2 Zachary Taylor

February 9th, 2019


Taylor has come out on top during the Mexican war, and now is primed to become president. However, Polk hates him, his wife doesn’t want him to get the job and the Whigs are nervous… Is Taylor whiggy enough? Will he follow their plans? Will he tow the party line? And, this is important: will he drop down dead after a month like their last guy?

12.1 Zachary Taylor

January 26th, 2019


Who's that man in the tatty hat sitting in the corner? Why, It's General Taylor of course! In between freaking out young officers in his army due to being a master of disguise, Taylor led an interesting life full of tales of death and love. Find out about his life up to the end of the Mexican war in part 1!

11.2 James Polk

January 12th, 2019


Polk is now in office and the youngest man ever to be so. He has declared that he will only serve one term, but he is determined to make his mark. In fact, he has a list: 4 things he wants to achieve. He is sure he can win the eternal fights, but can he take a large chunk of land off both Mexico and Britain at the same time? Find out!


Also, in this episode, we recommend the Presidencies of the United States Podcast.

11.1 James Polk

December 23rd, 2018


Polk was born a sickly child (perhaps with a massive head) His parent feared the worst, he couldn’t even hold down his job in the local shop. So how did he go from this to president? Did it involve hard work? Yes. Did it involve luck? Yes. Did it involve someone sticking a sharp implement somewhere near where the sun is known not to shine? Most definitely.

10.2 John Tyler

December 8th, 2018


Ok, so he didn't do great last time, but now he is president, and with that comes the opportunity to wow us. Find out how he annoyed pretty much everyone, including his children, until he finally went away! Also: was he a pervy old man? Did he contribute to the almost-collapse of the republic? Did he have a *ahem* massive cannon? Find out!

10.1 John Tyler

November 24th, 2018


So Harrison is dead. John Tyler is at home playing marbles (or spike-ball), completely unaware that his life is about to change forever. But how did he get to this point? And, the question on everyones lips, what exactly did Tyler get up to during John Tyler's Glorious Military Career? Join us for part one of his life. 

9.2 William H Harrison

November 10th, 2018


The stage is set: the war hero William H Harrison is ready to take the country into a new golden age. The spoils system: Gone! Jacksonian policies: Gone! Time to set the country on the right track… cough cough cough

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